“Oh you sweetie you”..


An elderly lady with kind tones, a sense of sophistication and knowledge about her. An image formed immediately as she softly said “oh you sweetie you” .


The elusive customer..

 20150509_103428 People who genuinely need help, are inquisitive and receptive to your advice immediately creates a different mental image to those who are aggressive or dismissive.

Texture experiments..

20150513_140454 My usual material choice is watercolour, it allows for fluidity and emotion to speak through each image. However, this experiment uses oil pastel which creates a much heavier and bold finish. The inspiration for the change in material been through using oil pastels amongst other materials whilst attending life drawing sessions.

A peaceful conversation..

20150513_130952 A peaceful, easy and flowing conversation builds a cool and calm image of the other person. Without being able to see them your opinion relies on tone, words and report building.

A quiet soul..

20150513_131618 A short and to the point conversation doesn’t allow for much of an image to form. The imagination is a powerful tool and one that changes greatly through what we hear or read. It builds an image of people of surroundings based on a persons reaction and feeling to them rather than being an image we see.

Negative persona..

20150513_131001 20150513_130940A persons negative tones and persona can have an immense effect on the surrounding people..these images show the mood of the customer and the person one the recieving end of the call, the customers negative or unhappy mood and words have created an image through perception alone.

Fond memories..

20150509_103455 There are people who leave a lasting impression from their warmth and uplifting mood. People like this man let the imagination go wild with possibilities from what little information you know of them.