Constellation begins..

September 27th, my first constellation. This being my first lecture after joining Cardiff met only 2 weeks ago after completing my first year somewhere else..needless to say i was very nervous. Not knowing what to expect, not knowing many people and having to walk into a room of hundreds wasn’t exactly something i was prepared for. However, luckily spotting someone i knew and the lecturer Theo Humprhies being easy to approach it wasn’t as daunting as i originally expected.

Going through the different choices of constellation available was so exciting, the options i suddently had;

  • Institutional critique and its legacies
  • Puzzling and contemporary art
  • Art and design and international discources
  • Art and design discources: Past and future
  • Describing creating practice
  • Fab bits, tones and pixels
  • Goddesses and Monsters
  • Understanding humour in the context of art and design

Explaining the content and detail of each choice made it clear i wanted to study and find out more about ‘Understanding humour in its context of art and design’ . Suddenly excited to see what came next…