Handling humour and a taxonomy of key ideas:

*a way of categorizing and naming inanimate objects*

Reading list: Jimmy carr – comedian and tax dodger

                                                   – “The art of looking sideways” A. Fletcher

                                                  – “Sweet madness: A study of humour” F.W Fry

Incongruity theories: Not expected situation, repetitive can sometimes mean always funny. 

Agression theories: Analysing humour and process, explanation needed resourcing, humour as a weapon-way of organizing power struggles.

Release theories: Awkward moment laughter, ways of dealing with emotion and thoughts.

This first lecture of humour was suuuch an eye opener.. I had always loved comedy and laughing but had never thought of the impact it had upon art. I’d never really thought what made things funny but only that they simply were funny. Having already read one of the books on the reading list i feel i made the right decision with this option, it really suited me and things i was interested in. Now the challenge was to see whether this was something i could apply into my illustrations.


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