1 Day Print Campaign 15th October.

We were set a 1 day brief by associate Tutor, Amanda Sue Rope on printing campaigns as a 1 day project and part of a longer charity project. We had to chose a specific strapline, target audience and apply them to four different formats.

  • Billboard on a busy road.
  • Poster on underground tube platform.
  • Full- page advert in broadsheet newspaper.
  • Advert on side of a double decker bus.

My chosen strapline was ‘See what we mean’-Canon. I chose the target audience of 18-25 year old people who would have access to at least one of the different types of formats set. I begun by quickly experimenting and jotting down ideas for my chosen strapline and ways i could incorporate the text within the piece.

Initial ideas.

Initial ideas.


I intially struggled with the project only because of its fast pace over only 1 day, i was happy with how many choices we had because it meant i could pick something i am passionate about. I wanted to do something simple but bold so people would understand the point of the campaign even without having lots of time to stop and stare.

Initial ideas.

Initial ideas.







I then continued to develop the favorites of my initial ideas into 16 finalized images, 4 images for each format that tested different compositions and materials.


Billboard Avert.

Billboard Avert.


Broadsheet and Underground Tube Platform.

I enjoyed each format because they didn’t allow me to get bored, i changed the material and compostion for each thumbnail to experiment what worked best together. We were told to think about conveying the message through a selective amount of detail. To employ a reflective iterative ‘rough-making’ process to explore and discover visual solutions.

Double Decker bus advert.

Double Decker bus advert.

We then presented the final developed ideas in a group crit, giving me a chance to see how other people worked and the outcomes they achieved. This type of presentation gave me more inspiration for future projects.




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