Why can’t you tickle yourself?

Laughter, tickling machines and humour are embodied as a samatic condition.

Decartes and cartesian dualism- “There is a great difference between mind and body in as much as the body is by nature always  divisible, and the mind is extremely indivisible…the mind or soul of a man is entirely different from the body.”

Reason is

  • Disembodied                                                        Wilson and Golonka
  • Transcendent                                                 “states of the body modify states of the mind”
  • Universal

Your body:

  • Where do you stop?
  • What are your boundaries?
  • Where are you dead?
  • When are you dead?

Todays lecture i found to be quite hard and took me a while to understand the differeneces between what was being discussed..i still don’t have the answers to the majority of what we discussed. I think this is the point though.. no one really does for sure!

I’ve gotten through these difficult topics and discussions mainly by taking things bit by bit instead of thinking of things as a whole. Listening to other peoples points and taking notes has helped me think of different aspects of topics. My notes have definitely helped me understand more of the theory, the research tasks given and case studies looked at always give different points and reasons.

Making progress! Yaaaay 🙂


Making humour work for me Pt 1…

Employing humour in your practice-

“Employ humour” …Aim/objective/stratergy/tactic

The pleasure principle: biology/psychology/psychoanalysis

How does the theory you have encountered in this option inform your practice?

Research and develop your presentation: 5 minutes public speaking! (EEEEKKK)

This weeks lecture got me thinking about the future of my illustrating and how this constellation option of humour within art can be incorporated into that. Since starting in September i definitely see now how humour and illustration aren’t worlds apart and how they can work together to make the other more original and exciting for people. People hadn’t previously explored one of them would now be able to.

I want to use more humour in my art because i prefer the more classical photo realistic style art which can sometimes be thought of as more boring than the modern contemporary art. By using humour hopefully i’ll be able to change peoples opinions and make my illustrations just as eye catching and impressive as todays abstract and modern art.

Omar Ortiz is a photorealist artist who’s work is so unbelievable to be a painting i can’t believe it. It’s because of artists like this i begun to illustrate, they always caught my attention with the skill and detail needed.

Omar Ortiz is an oil painter who works and lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. He enjoys reproducing skin tones under natural light. His hyperrealistic work evokes alluring of human body with simplicity and minimalistic style.



Study skills…

Humour in theory, humour in practice: How humour theory plays out in the world. 

Rigid jokes/fluid jokes

Humour for bonding/humour for change

“There are no gender-free human encounter”  I was asked then to think of jokes, comedy sketches or scenaries where some human characteristic hasn’t been applied. This was so much more difficult than i originally thought, we formed groups to try and see what others could come up with but we were all stuck! Everything has some gender/human encounter context.

20140315_210133 20140315_210144

History of humorous ideas…


This week was full of artists, scientists, theorists from around the world of case studies and experiments into the understanding of humour. My confidence is growing each week on being able to answer questions, ask questions and join in on group discussions and debates. Suddenly having knowledge and an understanding on things gave me confidence to know what i was talking about. Each week i would participate in a group task or homework piece which would involve presenting or speaking in front of the group. Not really enjoying public speaking this still fills me with nerves, i do feel i’m getting better as the weeks go on though. Happy 🙂 Let’s hope more progress to come…1st nov 20140315_202505