Why can’t you tickle yourself?

Laughter, tickling machines and humour are embodied as a samatic condition.

Decartes and cartesian dualism- “There is a great difference between mind and body in as much as the body is by nature always  divisible, and the mind is extremely indivisible…the mind or soul of a man is entirely different from the body.”

Reason is

  • Disembodied                                                        Wilson and Golonka
  • Transcendent                                                 “states of the body modify states of the mind”
  • Universal

Your body:

  • Where do you stop?
  • What are your boundaries?
  • Where are you dead?
  • When are you dead?

Todays lecture i found to be quite hard and took me a while to understand the differeneces between what was being discussed..i still don’t have the answers to the majority of what we discussed. I think this is the point though.. no one really does for sure!

I’ve gotten through these difficult topics and discussions mainly by taking things bit by bit instead of thinking of things as a whole. Listening to other peoples points and taking notes has helped me think of different aspects of topics. My notes have definitely helped me understand more of the theory, the research tasks given and case studies looked at always give different points and reasons.

Making progress! Yaaaay 🙂


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