Heart of Darkness. Folio Society

For my final illustrations i chose the captions because of their immediate effect on me and inspired me into exploring their visual posibilties..

“Had a passion for maps, look for hours at south america, africa, australia and loose myself in houts of exploration. Other places were scattered about the equator, and in every sort of latitude all over the two hemispheres.”

galaxy uploads 105“We were on the deck at the time, and the headman of my woodcutters, lounging near by, turned upon him his heavy eyes. I looked around and i don’t know why but i assure you never, never before did this land, this river, this jungle, the very arch of this blazing sky, appear to me so hopeless and dark.”

“He had filed teeth the poor devil, and the wool of head shaved into queer patterns, and three ornamental scars on each of his cheeks.”

For the front cover i chose to do a more general illustration that formed the basis of the book, the story begun about him wanting to be at sea travelling. I chose  a sombre image that would allow for Heart of Darkness and Jopeph Conrad to be featured across. I think the simple spoken word of the book is what solidified this illustration choice.

Cover illustration


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