Kaplan Calander

This weeks brief was to illustrate a piece for the Kaplan calender competition. Our course was given the opportunity to have our artwork used in the annual kaplan calendar. The brief had strict rules on the messages you could convey and said that the images must be positive not negative or sarcastic or religious. The theme of this years calender was ‘Partnership and collabouration’, we could interpret this in anyway as long as it was positive. This is one of the images i created during the days workshop, i decided on flowers and fields because of their uplifting nature to look at but also because they spend their life cohibitiing and collaberating with others. I was just quickly experimenting with materials and colour palette to what worked best together.

 Below is my final image, after experimenting and researching previous Kaplan submissions i decided upon a bright and vibrant piece which as the dark tones to create the depth of nature. I developed the materials i used and focused more on detail than i had in my intial ideas.

Partnership and Collaberation

Partnership and Collaberation


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