Picture Pallette imagery..

This brief was one of the first given this year. The choice of two stories to illustrate 6 images showing their progression. I chose Rohl Dahl’s “The Hitchhiker” This quite simple story immediatly stimulated inspiration for the images and description. Roahl Dahl being the fairly innocent yet naive driver who was easily influenced and the hitchhiker or finger smith using his questionable trade to correct the fruits of bad influence. The brief also stated that we loosely take a colour palette from one of the selected paintings;I found the vibrant colours and more realistic features to be a style i would be able to recreate, the dark tonal parts combined with the thick black border is another thing i felt would incorporate into parts of the stories imagery. I picked out vital parts of the story to show the progression and show each linking stage of Rohl Dahl’s story.  



I used a mixture of water colour, coloured pencil and biro for these images, i felt i would be able to recreate the vibrant and realistic colours of my chosen image with these materials. I combined materials and techniques with the different scene depending on what worked best together. I hope this painted a detailed picture of the story showing the unexpected encounter of the Rohl Dahl and the Hitchhiker.



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