Philosophy: What is Drawing?

Does Drawing always come from an idea or thought process developed?

Can the idea be developed through drawing alone?

16th January was out first week together in Drawing Philosophy, we were asked to think about what exactly drawing is? Is it simply the standard portrait format; or can it be catagorised more broadly and diversly?

  • Definition, essense, difference
  • Representation, expression, signification
  • Transformation
  • What shape is the session

Nibalism- Define truths.
This lecture really got me thinking about the possibilities of drawing and whether i had been closed minded until now as to only thinking it classed as a little part of art. I am someone who does like the more traditional format of drawing, the photo realism aspect although with slight differences and additions depending on the media i use. I am looking forward to next weeks discussions in order to go further in discussion and suggestions of drawing.


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