Dissertation prep..

2nd may- dissertation proposal submission

  • Pursue a research curiosity
  • Ask a question
  • Say something (a hypothesis)…

What to read?…Handbooks/reading lists- constellation and illustration

Today is the day..the dissertation planning has begun! Where do i start? what do i want to write about? can i do this?

I went in today soooo nervous about this, hearing about the dreaded dissertation is something i can’t believe is now all of a sudden here, it’s my turn! Theo began today by breaking it down, explaining the different types of dissertation, what was essential and what can be personal choice. By taking notes throughout this lecture i knew i’d always be able to look back and reread over exactly what Theo talked about, i’ve always found note making is the best way for me.

There are 5 different forms that your dissertation might take.
In brief, the 5 forms are…

i). An 8000 to 10000 word Academic Rhetorical text.

ii). An 8000 to 10000 word Technical Report text.

iii). An 8000 to 10000 word Enterprise Plan.

iv). A 15 minute presentation of the student’s own 6000 word Conference Research Paper.

v). Creating an art or design artifact or performance with an accompanying 6000 word analytical text.

A PDP of 1000 words will accompany each dissertation, regardless of its form.



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