Drawing Philosophy….

Diagramming Expression.

Exploring further into drawing and the attributes that philosophers and artists such as Collingwood, Paul Cezanne and Harry Beck have explained their understanding of what makes a drawing. Is drawing the same as art?
After spending more time debating and questioning thoughts, i dont think art and drawing are the same thing; art can be anything from a sculpture to a movie where as i still feel drawing is more of a two dimensional form where the illustrator has sat down to intentionally create something whether it be the traditional format or into todays more modern take.

2 3 4 5 6 My notes and quick drawings through each discussion show the questions being raised and in turn my interpretation into drawing. Some drawings from view of what was around, others of my imagination and the result of the topic of discussion.

Romanticism was a personal inspirational favourite of which came drawing ideas for the rose.
Each weekly debate stirred up a new question and thought which i hadn’t previously considered. Since these discussions I’ve noticed i am much more aware of my drawing process, trying to think of what i do each step in order to distinguish the characteristics of a drawing.


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