prep continued..Hellllppp me!


And so the dissertation prep has begun..This lecture with Theo was about structuring and building the dissertation. The best ways to achieve the different outcomes and types of dissertation possible. Initially being overwhelmed by the thought of writing 10,000 words was just too scary to think about. However, with Theo talking things through and simplifying things step by step i am beginning to feel less like like i have a mountain to overcome.

I had a personal tutorial with Theo, talking about the forms we filled in about more specific areas i was interested in. I knew i was interested in:

  • Photo realism
  • Portraiture
  • detail orientated
  • Chuck Close, Bryan Drury, David Kassan, Diego Fazio and many more artists
  • The idea of traditional methods of a photo realistic image being as appealing and exciting as a piece of modern and unusual art.

I don’t have a finished question or specific idea for my dissertation yet but with further meetings, lectures and tutorials combined with my research i will develop me ideas further. I have decided against writing a shorter dissertation combined with a presentation simply because i don’t feel public speaking is my strong point, i hope that with enough background information and research i will be able to produce an interesting and captivating dissertation that gives anyone asking the questions i’ll be asking a better understanding; as well as getting a much greater understanding myself of the topics i research.

The past two lectures and my personal tutorial have given me a lot more positive outlook upon starting my dissertation and the surrounding elements.


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