Drawing in conversation continued…

We were set the task of visiting Roath park, Botanical Gardens in cardiff where we were to explore our surroundings and draw our conversations in pairs. We were to draw a noun we saw in our surroundings then pass our book on to our partner while they drew a verb in relation to our noun. This then moved on to two nouns on the page and two verbs. Then to three nouns and using one verb, make a connection, a sort of narrative. It was interesting and also helped to get out of classroom environment and into somewhere more beautiful and inspiring.

Unfortunatly i wasn’t in the session (typically the one i miss!) so i later visited the gardens with a friend and followed the set brief between the pair of us. We were initially set to quickly sketch what caught our attention and then build on each image as we went further into conversation and they developed.

The last part of the task set was to take a journey through Roath park and Botanical gardens and to quickly sketch what caught my eye in relation to a noun and then a verb as i walked further through my surroundings. The aim of the verb is to question the noun and its possibilities, to see the connections and relationship between my surroundings and journey through the park. The weather and the season greatly effected what i was seeing as apposed to what i know can be seen there during the sunny summer months.

20140217_085316[1] 20140217_085337[1] 20140217_085402[1] 20140217_085422[1] 20140217_085436[1] 20140217_085458[1] 20140217_085515[1]

I really enjoyed todays task, i usually struggle with producing lots of fast and loose imagery because of the lack of ideas but with todays drawing in conversation task we were able to bounce off eachothers sights and our surroundings. I was never short of visual stimulus and unusual and eye capturing things. I was really lucky i managed to pick the only sunny day to go out and explore the gardens, this meant so much more detail and life whilst taking the walking journey.


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