Questionning and Tutorials?

7 How do i see things?


Our final tutorials and group discussion with our tutors before our submission was to talk about our presentations, final pieces and directions we think we’ll continue in.
Also we talked more about what we have discovered through drawing philosophy and other people’s opinions and ideas. I have really enjoyed these topics, towards the beginning i was confused about what we were trying to figure out. How could drawing be anything else but a two dimensional piece? These debates have developed my thoughts for future.

Being asked to think WHAT IS DRAWING? WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ART AND DRAWING? these broad questions opened up a lot of further questions, confusion and uncertainty which i felt could only be answered in the group discussions. This helped me understand others points of views and ideas i’d never thought of before.

Does the way i see things determine what is art? Is a drawing in the eye of the beholder?
Does a photo realistic drawing have as much meaning as that of a self expressed improvisational piece?


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