Let the collage begin..


Gorilla in the roses begins..

This first week of my second field choice, having the first session with Professor David Ferry and explaining the aims and objectives of the course and what the option is all about. Collage and montage, here we go!
Being in the hut and choosing from a really different range of books, magazines and journals to create some collages that are eye catching and possibly tell a story. I struggled with creating a narrative from the collages,i enjoyed the day and conversations had but all i can hope it that collaging narratives becomes more of a strong point the more i develop and go through each week.




I chose images that interested me originally, then trying to combine them with things they’d normally contrast. Modern/traditional. man/woman. Natural/Fake. Bare skin/fashion. We’d been asked to bring some magazines, books etc with us so i chose some of the images that were at my disposal initially before looking further into the art books provided by Professor Ferry.

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