The art of collage. Chart Gallery, London


Professor David Ferry was holding a talk on the art of collage at an exhibition called Glue. Chart is a small gallery which shows the immense diversity and individuality that comes into each collage. He talked through why he chose to call his class Gorilla in the Roses, after Joe Orton and his partner were prosecuted for defacing library books and sentenced to six months.

Artists featured in the exhibition are; Sarah Thomas, Mark Harris, Michal Cole, Keeler Tornero, Deirdre Kelly, Caroline Kha, Hormazd Narielwalla, David Ferry, Cordelia Donohoe, Mary Wintour.


Collage isn’t something i usually focus on and experiment with but this class how shown me the variation in some collages and how they aren’t always cutting and sticking as i originally thought. So far i am really enjoying this class and the new experiences and information it’s opened me up to.


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