Collage/montage book editing..

Building up the experimental collages we did last week…

Today we worked in the hut, the class lead by Professor David Ferry gave us the task of picking a range of different books and magazines and creating collages from them. Combining the chosen images into one book of collage and montage throughout. I enjoyed today, looking back at the book it was quite funny to see the odd and unexpected things contrasting with the theme of the book. I struggled with creating the story throughout, i decided the best way for me was picking images that showed the modern world compared to the black and white natural world book i was collaging into.

20140324_201342 20140324_202116

20140324_203117 20140324_203903  20140324_204427



These images are so unusual to see..the cover of this book does not lead you to think these sorts of things will be inside. I don’t really enjoy the process of collaging, i just find it so messy and rough around the edges. I am however, surprised with how much i like the final outcome.


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