Gorilla in the roses..

Today our lecture with Professor David Ferry was about contemporary montage and it’s diversity and possibilities that have come from combining todays technology with drawing, cutting and sticking etc..

An image can move and grow simply by being projected.

  • Paul Citreon-french collage artist

I learnt that collage is the imagination linking things together for others to see, by creating a narrative and combining multiple images together you are starting something new, something original that couldn’t be replicated again.

Malcolm Bradbury – 

” If you want to have something that’s genuinely unconstructed, you have to plan it carefully..”

Professor Ferry talked about some things being at their most vivid whilst in their natural state and how combining images only add to their excitement and creative appearence. I found this session interesting because i’d never previously thought about collage, i didn’t think there was as much thought and process behind it. Between the projection lectures and live workshops making different collages i have so much more understanding collages and how to make the best one possible, i used to think it was simply throwing a load of things together. That was definitely before i started this field project,i can see how detailed and thought out they really can be.

Paul Citreon- Metropolis 1923                                                Cosmopolitan 1922

Paul Citroen. Metropolis. 1923









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