Photorealism artists.

Staring at a blank page…NOTHING!

After meeting with my dissertation group tutor Theo Humphries and talking more about the direction of where i could go and the steps i should take in order to come up with the most detailed and clear dissertation proposal i can i feel much more confident in taking small steps towards completion.

General question considered: “Can photo-realistic paintings of inanimate things be as exciting as the abstract and modern art of the 21st century?”

I’ve never being able to come up with something from nothing! So research, notes and planning is my way forward. Here i gooooo…..

I’ve started looking into photorealism for my dissertation, i’m fascinated by their skill and amazing technuque and wondered about the differences between artists paintings and how eye catching they are. I’ve found artists who create photo realistic portraits, still life and landscapes. This is the only way i think i could build up ideas and content to begin my dissertation, finding out what i want to talk about and all the evidence and artists that support my thoughts will hopefully give me a definite question.

Something so simple becomes so eye catching and amazing because of the detail put into it!

Finding a topic that interests me and i know has always been something I’ve been fascinated by definitely makes dissertation writing more exciting.

Let the research continuee…..





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