Ipad collaging..Pro-Create app!

Gorilla in the roses!

  1. Blank page selection (SD or square)
  2. Find images
  3. Spanner in corner- photos – select image
  4. Alter image then choose another
  5. Create another layer, then +
  6. Press one layer and hold to change position

Apply cutting and sticking principles to an app!

Creating an impossible image!

Today our session with James Green was using Pro-create on Ipads to create collage, montage and edit images to create something unique and exciting. I took note of the basic steps needed for this as it was a completly new process to me. Once i had done this i found it soooo much easier than i initially expected. I really enjoyed this session and was surprised how happy i was with what i managed to produce. Being given an hour to play around and experiment meant i was able to get lost into the process and experiment with images, composition etc.

938 (3)This was my first experiment, straight away putting things together you normally wouldn’t see surprised me how well they worked together to create a new image.

Next came…938 (4) green (1) Our field group was split into a morning and afternoon session so we could all have more time using the Ipads. James Green was always there around for any questions we had, any tips on what to do if i messed up which made me feel much more comfortable been as i’d never used this process before. I think this session of Gorilla in the roses has been one of my favourites and having something so different and exciting to show for it is even better.


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