Attempting to organise my thoughts. .

Now approaching the last week of Gorilla in the Roses 5 week course and the end of my 11 week field experience I can reflect on what I’ve learnt and found out through each class.

With Drawing Philosophy I found it to be so fascinating how people try to break down and define drawing when I’ve always just accepted it to be what I believe to simply be a process of creating or recreating something by hand. Drawing applies to the majority of people’s daily lives whether it be in the form of a master piece or a doodle. Drawing Philosophy left me so confused at times because I simply had no answers to some of the questions we were asked. I enjoyed the practical tasks with Natasha and exploring local public attractions to include in our work. My strength with this project was that I enjoy drawing,  been as I study illustration I was a lot happier with the drawing time compared to some others who usually study ceramics or are makers. I struggled however on the philology side of the course and how to combine with the practical. This was 5 weeks that I don’t think I would ever have experienced without this project choice.

Gorilla in the Roses has shown to be completely different, although combined with practical and theory aspects. Before this project i hadn’t really focused on collages, I always stuck with what I knew to be drawing and painting. This field choice will hopefully help me to bring a little more creativity and imagination into my more traditional style drawing. My struggles with Gorilla in the Roses have been creating the collages and knowing when to stop, I typically like things being neat and finished where as collages never really have a finally completion point. My strengths here have become to be creating s narrative through the collage. Using the different images I find to them come together.

Now starting my last field week and putting these last 5 weeks together, looking back at what I’ve done I can definitely say I’m surprised with myself. Gorilla in the Roses has changed my opinion on collage and montage. It can be as powerful and eye catching as that of a striking photo realistic painting.


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