Constellation PDP..

Year 2 nearly finished, this being my first year at CSAD the idea of constellation and blog writing is still a relatively new thing for me. For constellation I originally chose to focus on “Understanding humour in the context of art and design” with Theo Humphries. I was curious how I could include that into my illustrative practice to make it more exciting and different to what I’ve previously done. As well as in constellation, field during term 2 wasn’t very focused on my practice of illustration, this left me a little confused considering it’s meant to coincide with illustration in order for me to develop and progress towards the style of illustration and work I aim to produce. I think the differences between field and constellation have made things more difficult for me to apply what I learn into my dissertation prep and progress further into. I just feel a little distant and uncertain about what I am meant to be doing and what type of work I’m expected to produce when illustration seems to only be a minor detail of what I’ve done so far this year.

Through term 1 of constellation we explored a really varied range of topics,  I enjoyed this option, having always loved comedy and quirky humour I saw this straight away as a chance to hopefully combine that with my illustration practice. After each lecture with Theo I’d learnt something new about humour and the many artists, historians and scientists who’ve done so much research into finding out what makes things funny. Each lecture was always funny and interesting; it left me looking forward to the next session each week. However, having not been here for year 1 and term 1 being completely separate it seems from the rest of the year and my dissertation I’m defiantly a bit nervous and confused as to where I go now. I like to be an organised and well thought out person but I feel when it comes to my illustration and dissertation they’ve become so separate and delayed at times that I’m not as informed as I should be at this point in the year. I’ve struggled at times with some of the topics covered, simply just being able to remember everything covered and apply to my practice, I think note making and additional independent research to be the way I’ve developed throughout.

My independent tutorials with Theo and having presentations regularly have definitely helped with any queries and thoughts I’ve had. The presentations and work set to present have helped also, although I really do not like public speaking it really made sure I did the work and research so I could simply read off a page and show the presentation. Sort of killing two birds with one stone in terms of me developing my knowledge as well as my public speaking and presenting. Throughout constellation the research has been the background knowledge that has helped me understand the initial lectures, I’ve found it’s what made the lessons come together and make sense more, turning my struggles into new things learnt and knowledge I can continue to use. The main struggle I found with constellation has been making enough time to read up on everything set, with reading lists so big between constellation, field and subject I’ve had constant projects and approaching deadlines, with each option area being so different I think multi-tasking has become a new skill.

As I’ve said throughout my blog entries this year, I’ve tried to improve all of my struggles and weaknesses and turn them into my strengths. My tutor has been a part of me progressing and enjoying the module, making something enjoyable and being approachable encourages me more I think, this first year of constellation wouldn’t have been as successful for me if it wasn’t for the right choice of option and luckily the right tutor for me. With my practice, I have tried to apply a wider range of techniques, methods and experiment more. When presenting my work I have progressed a lot in terms of my confidence. I have extra extra nerves I think because this year has been spent trying to familiarise myself and settle into my new environment,  I hope that as I continue into the final term of this year and move into my 3rd year I have a more clear idea of my direction of illustration work. I feel so nervous about my last year, am I ready for this final stage? Now next year we’re moving to a different campus and so another process of settling in begins. I hope next year is more illustration focused, giving me more time to continuously draw and paint rather than being pulled in so many different directions.



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