Wildlife artists…inspiration needed!

My research then developed further into artists who had focused in on the subject matter of my TED presentation; caricatures, Vultures and bird, Portraits and politicians. Combining with the research behind technique, scientific artists and composition my aim is to create the most visually exciting and appealing project i can.

This project has been unusual so far, the subject matter and theme aren’t what i’m used to focusing on which has created more of a challange and unknown place to start my research on. Starting from scratch with my research and techniques to approach each peice of work.

Richard Allen- Wildlife artist 


Cretaceous Seabed

Cretaceous Seabed



Golden Eagle

Bower Gifford RSPB, saline lagoon

Bower Gifford RSPB, saline lagoon








Andrew Beckett                             

http://www.illustrationweb.com/artists/AndrewBeckett/view http://www.birdsbirdsbirds.co.uk/acatalog/copy_of_Andrew_Becket_Bird_in_Art_Artist_image (2)2006.html

image (1)


Research: Marjorie Legitt..

Marjorie Legitt

Marjorie provides scientific art and illustrations that appeal to audiences of all ages. Her engaging depictions of flora, fauna and prehistoric life illuminate projects ranging from professional journals and early-learner natural history books to permanent museum exhibits.

http://marjorie-mervi.blogspot.co.uk/  https://www.science-art.com/member/?id=57#.U2OWOPldX4A

Legitt’s drawings have inspired me because of the materials used, i prefer to use the water colour, coloured pencils and lighter materials where i have the control to create the textures and different tones needed for each piece. Her work has shown what the materials can be used to create and make the scientific and nature subject matter more appealing to people who don’t normally find these sorts of things interesting. That’s what i hope to achieve with this project.

Life on the Rainforest Floor, 2014

Life on the Rainforest Floor, 2014

Siberian Tiger (Panthera tigris) 2001

Siberian Tiger (Panthera tigris) 2001

Prairie Dog (Cynomys) Ecosystem

Prairie Dog (Cynomys) Ecosystem, 2010

Further artist research.. Nicolle Rager Fuller

After days of finding minimal artists for inspiration, i came across the website: http://www.science-art.com/   Having an abundance of artists who use a variety of materials to complete their scientific illustrations i knew this site would be the key behind inspiring my project work.

Nicolle Rager Fuller

Sayo-Art creates bold, dynamic art to educate and excite wonder in technical and scientific topics.


Biology of a cough 2012


Mitochondria and Free Radicals 2009

Ecosystem Everglades 2011

Ecosystem Everglades 2011


Growth Factor Receptors  and Cancer, 2006

Growth Factor Receptors and Cancer, 2006

TED Research..

After spending a day watching a varity of different topic talks; making notes, visually diagramming ideas to see what inspiration came from each i definitely found

‘Munir Virani: Why I love vultures’ to be the most inspirational. I thought it was something I could make visually interesting to other people like me who science doesn’t really interest.

My chosen TED video focused on Vultures and them being misunderstood, reasons for us needing to work together to save them and stop the bad press they get. The aim of this video was to make people aware of the value and importance of the vultures. I think the Vultures were a metaphor for politicians, with constant referencing and comparing throughout i felt this could be a different angle on the talk.

My research begun by looking at artists who have also used science within their work, i hoped this would broaden my horizons and ideas of how i could make the brief interesting and visually captivating.

Jennifer Crouch- Medical Illustration

A Vague Inventry of Ailments and States 

Jennifer has carried out drawing at the Gordon Museum of Pathology, with entomologists at the Natural History Museum and has collaborated with scientists from Saint George’s University producing illustrations for the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and The American Journal of Sports Medicine. Despite her fascination with scientific attempts to describe nature, she also values the surreal and ridiculous, revelling in culture’s varying relationship with the Absurd.

 Acrylic, gouache and ink on found paper and card. 

JenniferCrouch_GordonMuseumJenniferCrouchFlowertwo is a pairI found Jennifer’s work extremely intreguing, i could see the skill and time taken to create each peice. This is something i appreciate in art work which is what drew me to the work initially.

I accessed these images through Jennifer’s website ..


Artist inspiration galore…

I begun the research initially through my dissertation prep, making sure i was onto the right track with photo-realistic style artists. My search through the abundance of artists available on this site and many more spilled over into my subject practice, just the excitement and inspiration for future works of mine and what i hope to create was amazing.

Just want to be drawing all the time..



Oil Paintings by Robin Eley



Pencil Drawings by Paul Lung


These are just two of the amazing artists who show that a busy composition and unusual subject and meaning aren’t needed to create a completely jaw dropping image when this amount of skill and time has gone in to creating each piece. Other artists such as Samuel Silva, Juan Francisco Casas and Lynch-Smith are other examples of the multitude of photo-realism artists I’ve discovered through my research so far.