TED Research..

After spending a day watching a varity of different topic talks; making notes, visually diagramming ideas to see what inspiration came from each i definitely found

‘Munir Virani: Why I love vultures’ to be the most inspirational. I thought it was something I could make visually interesting to other people like me who science doesn’t really interest.

My chosen TED video focused on Vultures and them being misunderstood, reasons for us needing to work together to save them and stop the bad press they get. The aim of this video was to make people aware of the value and importance of the vultures. I think the Vultures were a metaphor for politicians, with constant referencing and comparing throughout i felt this could be a different angle on the talk.

My research begun by looking at artists who have also used science within their work, i hoped this would broaden my horizons and ideas of how i could make the brief interesting and visually captivating.

Jennifer Crouch- Medical Illustration

A Vague Inventry of Ailments and States 

Jennifer has carried out drawing at the Gordon Museum of Pathology, with entomologists at the Natural History Museum and has collaborated with scientists from Saint George’s University producing illustrations for the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and The American Journal of Sports Medicine. Despite her fascination with scientific attempts to describe nature, she also values the surreal and ridiculous, revelling in culture’s varying relationship with the Absurd.

 Acrylic, gouache and ink on found paper and card. 

JenniferCrouch_GordonMuseumJenniferCrouchFlowertwo is a pairI found Jennifer’s work extremely intreguing, i could see the skill and time taken to create each peice. This is something i appreciate in art work which is what drew me to the work initially.

I accessed these images through Jennifer’s website ..



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