Research: Marjorie Legitt..

Marjorie Legitt

Marjorie provides scientific art and illustrations that appeal to audiences of all ages. Her engaging depictions of flora, fauna and prehistoric life illuminate projects ranging from professional journals and early-learner natural history books to permanent museum exhibits.

Legitt’s drawings have inspired me because of the materials used, i prefer to use the water colour, coloured pencils and lighter materials where i have the control to create the textures and different tones needed for each piece. Her work has shown what the materials can be used to create and make the scientific and nature subject matter more appealing to people who don’t normally find these sorts of things interesting. That’s what i hope to achieve with this project.

Life on the Rainforest Floor, 2014

Life on the Rainforest Floor, 2014

Siberian Tiger (Panthera tigris) 2001

Siberian Tiger (Panthera tigris) 2001

Prairie Dog (Cynomys) Ecosystem

Prairie Dog (Cynomys) Ecosystem, 2010


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