Wildlife artists…inspiration needed!

My research then developed further into artists who had focused in on the subject matter of my TED presentation; caricatures, Vultures and bird, Portraits and politicians. Combining with the research behind technique, scientific artists and composition my aim is to create the most visually exciting and appealing project i can.

This project has been unusual so far, the subject matter and theme aren’t what i’m used to focusing on which has created more of a challange and unknown place to start my research on. Starting from scratch with my research and techniques to approach each peice of work.

Richard Allen- Wildlife artist 


Cretaceous Seabed

Cretaceous Seabed



Golden Eagle

Bower Gifford RSPB, saline lagoon

Bower Gifford RSPB, saline lagoon








Andrew Beckett                             

http://www.illustrationweb.com/artists/AndrewBeckett/view http://www.birdsbirdsbirds.co.uk/acatalog/copy_of_Andrew_Becket_Bird_in_Art_Artist_image (2)2006.html

image (1)


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