End of Year feedback..

After this year being pretty eventful in terms of everything happening at once i’m really pleased i was able to submit everything on time. The feedback i received has given me an idea of where to begin this summer ready to start my final year in September. My feedback from both Amelia and Anna was that of going out and drawing from first hand experience was the best, as i fell down this year on my range and technical skills on certain aspects.

My favourite subject matter is Portraiture, finding ways to expand and broaden my skills and imagination is something i have struggled with, i find myself far too literal at times. This year i have experimented a little with caricatures which i have been surprised with how much i took to them and enjoyed my chosen project, something i will consider and experiment more with this summer. Research and experimental drawing will be the key to me finding my niche for the future, artists and first hand drawing.




Summer Project..

 Untitled 2

Self titled project.

Writing our own summer brief combined with a body of work ready to start my final year with, something i am interested in and would continue the subject matter on through the year. The lecture with chris was explaining the layout of the final year and how it can be what we make it, choosing what i like to focus in on and develop further. Immediately from this talk i knew i was fascinated by portraits, but i’m unsure of how to make them more than just a simple portrait that no one is interested in. How can i make this a successful project? So many questions of where to begin, this open ended brief isn’t something i am extremely excited by, i like to have a clear aim and starting point.


TED finals: 10. Politicians; we’re here to help..


My final image, similar to image 9 i wanted the drawing to just show the politicians happy and looking kind (not an attribute usually associated with politics). I chose the background of Big Ben and parliament bridge combined with the British flag just to create the sense of patriotism. I have included portraits of Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, David Cameron and Nick Clegg.  I have gone back to water colour and coloured pencil for this image because of its required detail and tonal range needed to create the depth.

TED finals: 9. Vultures are beautiful

2014-05-08 01.15.50

Image 9 was simply showing the beauty of a vulture, that they aren’t the horrible creatures originally thought. I used acrylic for this image, i needed the thick and contrasting texture to create the ruffle of the feathers. I don’t usually use acrylic paint in my work so this was a challenge in itself to successfully blend colours, create tone and overall shape of the vulture.


TED finals: 8. Vote Conservative!!


My next image is a homage to a campaign poster, telling people why we need politicians and to get on their side. I think this presentation will get peoples attention simply because its unusual for the benefits of politicians are pointed out. I tried to make the background as simple as possible, i often struggle with leaving white negative space behind my images. With my other images being so chaotic throughout i have tried here to achieve a happy medium between bland and chaotic.

TED finals: 6 & 7. The hunted vulture/Politcian


Images 6 and 7 are linked together, the Kenyon map showing the 6 species of endangered vultures being hunted and killed for being thought of as vicious and nasty creatures.

I then linked the politicians into this to recreate a map of different politicians from Britain’s recent history. I decided on this composition because they are almost hunted within different public groups, having to defend themselves and explain their decisions. Like the vultures they are needed, perhaps without the majority of people realizing why or what the repercussions would be if there weren’t any politicians/vultures.

TED finals: 5. Unpopular politics..


Image 5 was relating to the Kenyon press and the people’s opinions of their local politicians. I have taken some words and composition inspiration from the graffitti images i discovered in the news. This image was the main turning point of my project, originally i created a very literal and story like series of images but since having a tutorial with Chris i’ve followed advice of using the vulture as more of a metaphor and parallel to the politician. I then developed the images yet to come into a more comical and unusual slant on persuading the people of the benefits of the politician.