Summer project decisions..

After having a tutorial with my tutor Anna at the end of last term and talking through my concerns and queries for the year ahead, i feel relieved, being set a project that i think is exactly down the lines of things i enjoy and subject matter i hope to pursue.

The project is”Life Stories”..the summer project originally set by my main level 6 tutor Chris was more of a self directed project, writing our own brief based on what we enjoyed and work we wanted to produce. When i spoke to Anna about my frustration and lack of understanding of where i could go next, she decided this Life stories project was the best next step of progression for me into my final year.

Having begun my research for this project i can now see how right she was, finding something i am looking forward to finding more about and developing further.

The aim of this project is to create a visual biography in book form. Exploring character, narrative and visual pacing. Creating a narrative piece whether it is more literal or abstract to convey my chosen characters life story through images. The self constructed book must be around 32 pages long and contain a minimum of 12 final images. These guidelines are my starting point, a place a can build upon for my research into choosing my character and then the research into surrounding artists, techniques and thematically similar pieces of work.

And so the research begins…


Where next for the dreaded dissertation..

What is the value of hyperrealism art in a time of high resolution photography?

I chose this title for my dissertation after tutorials with my tutor, we spoke about my interests and aims within art and what questions i have. I have always felt pressured to defend my choices of art and drawing style, why i stick to certain types of art instead of exploring the more loose and abstract styles. Why do i always strive for the more detailed and perfected final image?

I have begun my research into this question by thinking of why people create such realistic images when they could just take a photo?

  •  Is it because of their commercial value?
  • They are attracted to its aesthetic appeal?
  • Simply because they have the skill?
  • They have a wonder for the human ability and what is possible?

Through my research i hope to answer my own question. Now going into my final year i want to combine each aspect of my course as much as i can, the combined sketches and dissertation artists research will hopefully work each other to benefit all aspects of my work through the year.

Artists research so far has consisted of Redosking, Heather Rooney, Jono Dry ranging from portraits of celebrities, Close up focus on facial features to waves and nature.

Aaron Baggio!

I absolutely love Aaron Baggio’s work, the range of images he produces using pen and ink in different ways is amazing. Each image is bold and says something about the subject matter at that time. Baggio’s work inspires me and makes me excited to start my drawings to see what the range of outcomes can be. I have looked on various different sites and blogs that Baggio’s work is displayed on, each showing the different capabilities of this artist.

baggio1 baggio4 baggio5

Lisandro Demarchi..let the inking continue!

Demarchi’s work is far more abstract than other ink artists such as Mike Lyons, the black and white palette and surreal subject matter is what makes these images so striking and effective. Although these are abstract pieces they are can be just as detail orientated and concentration requiring as that of a water colour portrait.



Conqueror Hippocampus

Conqueror Hippocampus

Mike ink ink!

After my tutorials with Amelia and Anna, they both suggested experimenting using inks and dipping pens. I am excited to see what i can create using these different materials in fast 5 minute sketches compared to the longer laborious drawings. My first idea has been t research artists who use inks in their work to see the sorts of results i could aim for within my own pieces. Mike Lyon’s work shows the immense detail and concerntration that can be achieved through ink.

“Red Madeline”, detail

  “Red Madeline”, detail

“Dinh” 2013, 30 x 22.5 inches, blue, red, yellow, black, white inks on paper

“Dinh” 2013, 30 x 22.5 inches, blue, red, yellow, black, white inks on paper

“Rebound” 2013, 23 x 17 inches, watercolor and ink on paper

“Rebound” 2013, 23 x 17 inches, watercolor and ink on paper

Art in the Library Exhibition

Art in the Library Exhibition

An exhibition organised by ten Level 5 Fine Art students at Catheys Library

Belle Mellor cartoon illustrator

Belle Mellor again is showing the power of a simple composition and its striking ability.

Although i’m not aiming for my work to be as cartoon like as these, i do appreciate the skill and composition of each piece. The contrasting bright colours against the negative white background is what makes each image that much more successful.