Summer project decisions..

After having a tutorial with my tutor Anna at the end of last term and talking through my concerns and queries for the year ahead, i feel relieved, being set a project that i think is exactly down the lines of things i enjoy and subject matter i hope to pursue.

The project is”Life Stories”..the summer project originally set by my main level 6 tutor Chris was more of a self directed project, writing our own brief based on what we enjoyed and work we wanted to produce. When i spoke to Anna about my frustration and lack of understanding of where i could go next, she decided this Life stories project was the best next step of progression for me into my final year.

Having begun my research for this project i can now see how right she was, finding something i am looking forward to finding more about and developing further.

The aim of this project is to create a visual biography in book form. Exploring character, narrative and visual pacing. Creating a narrative piece whether it is more literal or abstract to convey my chosen characters life story through images. The self constructed book must be around 32 pages long and contain a minimum of 12 final images. These guidelines are my starting point, a place a can build upon for my research into choosing my character and then the research into surrounding artists, techniques and thematically similar pieces of work.

And so the research begins…


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