Angelina Jolie: Life Stories

After researching a variety of powerful and influential women through the 21st century i have decided upon Angelina Jolie’s Life story to tell. Her Life ranges from the troubled childhood and now to the glamorous Hollywood life of a humanitarian that we see today, as well as everything in between.


I chose to focus on Angelina Jolie because she isn’t what meets the eye, she is a powerful and influential woman of today but has many other things that make her who she is. I wanted my summer project to on someone who i was interested by but who also has many different angels that i could explore to use within my visual biography. I haven’t chosen an historical figure such as Martin Luthor King or Nelson Mandella because although they’re lives are both extremely selfless and strong willed, i wanted someone who i have seen through my life and have been surprised by what they have achieved.

Jolie is the daughter of famous actor and actress Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. Having had a troubled childhood being an outcast, called weird for her looks and punk rock interests, she was not always the glamorous and strong woman we see today.


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