10 Masters of Photorealism..

Photorealism is normally created from direct photographic sources, most often with exquisite and flawless detail. Chuck Close was among its original founders, focusing on supersizes portraits of himself, fellow artists and then onto other subjects. Since the founders of this astonishing form, many have continued with its legacy and pushed its boundaries continously: i have outlined my favourite and most astonishing amongst the more contemporary style of the hyperrealist speciality.

Robert Longo

Untitled (Jane), 2007

Galerie Hans Mayer

Cheryl Kelly

Green Hemi Cuda, 2012
Scott Richards Contemporary Art

Red Lotus, 2008

Scott Richards Contemporary Art

Ester Curini

Doctum Doces, 2013

Bernarducci Meisel Gallery

Taner Ceylan

Spring Time (The Lost Paintings Series), 2013

Paul Kasmin Gallery


The photorealist movement: Richard Estes..

Richard Estes is considered to be the founder of the hyperrealist movement. His highly detailed paintings originate from multiply sourced photographs from around the bustling scene of New York.He often incorporates reflective surfaces, such as shop windows and shiny cars, yielding mirrored imagery that serves to enhance what the naked eye is capable of perceiving.

I have featured Estes’ work and quotes within my dissertation emphasizing his importance in the growth and advance of the hyperrealist style.

Entrance Alive Tully Hall, 2010
Oil on board
18 1/2 × 12 1/2 in
47 × 31.8 cm

Amsterdam Avenue and 96th Street, 1995
36 × 60 1/10 in
91.44 × 152.72 cm
Broadway Bus on Liberty Street

The illustrative story: Scott Dungate..

Title: “BOF!”

Brand: Chambord

Agency: Weiden + Kennedy

Creative: Scott Dungate


Scott Dungate’s version of a visual narrative is the opposite to previous artists, showing the divers styles of illustration possible to create a powerful piece of art.I prefer the more hyper-realistic style of painting which is what i hope to create within my work for this project.

Creating a narrative: Rob Fletcher..


Title: “Silver Lady”

Brand: National Express

Agency: Isobel

Creative: Rob Fletcher  




For my Life Stories summer brief i have researched into how existing artists create narratives with minimal or no text. This research will inform me of the different ways this type of art is possible to create successfully and the things i should focus on when creating each part of my visual biography.

Hyperrealist art today..

Whilst carrying out my dissertation research, one book that i have been particularly inspired by is Hyperrealist art today by John Russel Taylor, 2009. Thames and Hudson Ltd.

Artists such as Clive Head have essays featuring in this book, each artist expressing why they continue to create these hyperrealist style paintings in a time of abstract and modern art. As well as taking aspects from the writing to enhance my opinions and views of my dissertation, the artwork within the book have inpsired me for my future work and painting style.


Simon Hennessey                                                                                                               Simon Hennessey
Urban Chic                                                                                                                              Angelina (Saint or Sinner?) Side A
Oil over acrylic on canvas                                                                                                  Oil on canvas
100 x 150cm                                                                                                                           100 x 60cm

UrbanChic_LowRes064424__064424  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Simon Hennesseys photorealist work is both beautifully jaw dropping and inspirational as an artist who aspires to create peices like this.