Hyperrealist art today..

Whilst carrying out my dissertation research, one book that i have been particularly inspired by is Hyperrealist art today by John Russel Taylor, 2009. Thames and Hudson Ltd.

Artists such as Clive Head have essays featuring in this book, each artist expressing why they continue to create these hyperrealist style paintings in a time of abstract and modern art. As well as taking aspects from the writing to enhance my opinions and views of my dissertation, the artwork within the book have inpsired me for my future work and painting style.


Simon Hennessey                                                                                                               Simon Hennessey
Urban Chic                                                                                                                              Angelina (Saint or Sinner?) Side A
Oil over acrylic on canvas                                                                                                  Oil on canvas
100 x 150cm                                                                                                                           100 x 60cm

UrbanChic_LowRes064424__064424  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Simon Hennesseys photorealist work is both beautifully jaw dropping and inspirational as an artist who aspires to create peices like this.


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