Loosen up an image..


This image was the starting point for where i saw a change in my work, shocked that i could relax my control of an image in allowance for this loose and free-lined watercolour portrait. I think the emotion and curiosity raised though this image is what makes it that much more successful than previous portraits i have completed.

I will continue pursuing this style of creation to combine within my future project, looking into how we see a person based on what we hear or think of them without actually seeing. The ability to draw what i know and not what i see will change the way of drawing, just as this image proved. It was my eyes and thinking i must draw in a certain way that constrained me to one format of painting and drawing.


Emotion of a portrait..

Again more experimenting..forming the basis of my upcoming project that studies portraiture and the colours and emotions that are associated with people. Using a little line as possible, using only the watercolour as the loose structure to these paintings. The second image below i think is the most successful, the stark white background contrasting with the vibrant yet minimalist portrait composition creates an eye catching piece. 20150201_09500920150201_094959

More than a portrait…

20150201_095054 I began these experiments using water colour to create portraits in under 10 minutes in the hopes of evoking more emotion through my drawings.

Each drawing uses different angles, different colour palettes and a different overall composition of the image, i did this in order of testing what works well and what i thought was the best outcome.
I do feel some images worked better than others, these two images i feel did not work as well as i had hoped or as well as some of the other time experiements.


Watercolours galore..

20150201_09503320150201_095022 These two images i feel have worked well, using no pencil to outline, only the watercolour is forming the shape and texture to the face and features. My favourite feature i think with these paintings are the bright and contrasting range of colours, the colours bring the simple compositions alive, creating an emotion further than what a simple lifelike portrait might do.

Florian Nicolle…

Amongst my research for artists to inspire me with my own work i discover Florian Nicolle, his portraits are loose, expressive and provoke emotion yet are representational and show the portrait in a not completely abstract way which is the work i am fascinated by.


Nicolle’s work has been seen across companies such as Nike, Adobe and Warner Brothers. His modern twist on combining water colour, inks and collaging mixed media techniques to create these striking portraits.

Les Filles

Les Filles is an illustrator and fine artist who concerntrates on portraits and the figure using watercolours and inks to create the striking pieces. Focusing primarily on women, these paintings are so delicate and eye catching.




Samir Mondal..The waterolour man


Looking down, 2010



Mondal’s work shows the possibility of a quick and loose portrait conveying the emotion and respresentational qualities i am looking to evolk through my own work. The vibrant colours used also attract me to his current portraits