Hyperrealism research..Ivan Hoo


Getting close to the deadline now..yet the research and new discoveries continue! Ivan Hoo, an artist i have not yet come across is truly astonishing with his skills of hyperrealism. Hoo is a sefl taught artists who has only brought his skills forward professionally over the past 4 years.

Hoo’s pieces are unusual to this genre as they are all created on wood, a material not commonly used amongst the delicate precision of hyper-realism. “By working on wood, it gives me a lot of dimension and ideas to create something close to reality and it works really well with pastels, too,” Hoo told boredpanda. “I started to think of ideas and draw things that we could see ‘happening’ on a piece of wood, so the very first idea that struck me was the dripping effect. That was my first anamorphic work.