The final tutorial..

One week to go before submission.
Having had my last progress tutorial today regarding any last minute queries and questions i have about the final stages of my dissertation it suddenly felt so close to completion.

My tutor Theo read over my conclusion, a piece which i have struggled most with recently, how do i conclude over 8000 words? what has been found through these countless months of researching and writing? Just some of the struggles i have faced with the conclusion.
My tutor set me the task of needing to outline what i initially set out to find from this dissertation, then to conclude the findings of each main chapter and the main question in focus of each, lastly summing up the conclusion and thus the whole dissertation by ultimately what i hope any readers of my dissertation to learn.

My tutor has raised my confidence in my abilities toward academic writing and my general knowledge regarding my main topic of hyper-realism art; a subject in which i have focused on and been captivated by for years whilst studying art.

Looking to the future..
My aim having almost completed my degree is in for the immediate future for me to complete a range of different work experience and placements. I hope to gain more self confidence and belief in my own work, to use what i learn through this experience and incorporate into any future endeavours.


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