The final year has begun, having completed the dissertation proposal and been given feedback, my strengths and weaknesses were outlined regarding my question in focus and the arguments I have in support of it. The feedback received was that I had made great progress with research into artists, the processes and genres I was focussing on; hyperrealism, Richard Estes’ and Eloy Morales being some of those. However, more research and practice into writing academically and my referencing skills were areas I was set to improve. A wider range of supporting research and evidence is needed to give me background knowledge that reinforces my argument and allows me to give valid points in line with other artists and authors.

Having my tutor set specific targets of improvement and suggestions of research areas to complete gave me an immediate aim. I also found looking at previous examples and techniques of existing artists and authors gave me a starting point of similar and differing opinions of my chosen topic and area in question. By discovering the predetermined answers and findings relating to my chosen question, I have been able to enhance and validate my own opinions based upon previous and new pieces of information and artwork in the Hyperrealist movement.
To improve on my referencing and writing skills I read through high level previous dissertations, ranging through different topics and subjects that gave different perspectives and techniques for writing. Researching the structures of dissertations straight away gave me a starting point, rather than staring at a blank page.

I found the proposal itself to be extremely beneficial to me, although I have since delved far deeper into the question asked and developed my writing and grammar skills further; It gave me a clear starting point of where I wanted to go, the previous research I had completed made starting the dissertation itself much less of a daunting task. I do not think my dissertation proposal was of a great standard and reflection of my abilities, however, without the proposal the progress I have made from the start of my dissertation would not have been possible.

The dissertation being the largest written piece I will have submitted to date, I thought would be far more overwhelming and daunting than it has so far been. I have found myself enjoying what I have been researching and finding out about my question. The main focus is hyperrealism art in today’s highly digital society, an interest I have always had; I think being able to pick something that I am passionate about instead of being set a specific question has made me enjoy each step. My dissertation is also linked in with my studio work, keeping the two modules as closely linked as I could has enabled both to benefit and enhance each other.
Also taking it step by step and working through different points and views throughout the dissertation has also allowed me to progress further in shorter spaces of time than I thought, rather than looking at it as a whole 10,000 word piece which seems a far more intimidating matter.

Since starting my final year I have had monthly tutorials with my tutor Theo, with constant suggestions and opinions on ways of improvement, this has also been extremely beneficial to me as I can since see where I have gone wrong and been able to improve and progress. Although I have been doing research before the year started as well as continuously since term commenced, information found for the main question as well as additional surrounding information; the face to face tutorials with my tutor, having anytime email support and suggestions of different artists and information relating to my question has also given help where I may have missed. I have found segmenting each paragraph into specific subtopics within each paragraph topic has given structure and a natural flow to my dissertation, an introduction and conclusion to each paragraph has also allowed to conclude the points as I go along before advancing onto the next chapter and focus point of my dissertation.

Coming closer to the end of the dissertation proved to be the biggest struggle and pause in writing, not wanting to repeat any previous points but continuing to research for any further valid and beneficial information. Personally, to put an end to the pause in writing I found rereading the whole dissertation thus far to identify gaps in facts, opinions and findings to be the most successful.  Concluding my findings was also a slow point of progress, yet again tutorials and previous examples and templates proved to be key in progress. Instead of staring at a blank page I have been lucky enough to make constant progress.
My hopes for my dissertation is for it to help my future work and those aiming in similar directions, to steer me in a clear direction of what I want to create and how I go about that, the question I have asked being what is the value of hyperrealistic art in a time of high resolution photography? Being someone who creates using the more traditional artistic method of a pencil or paintbrush, my dissertation has shown me that the future for art does not solely consist of hand crafted illustrations and paintings nor not just of digital creations, but that of an amalgamation of the two. I now believe it to be naïve to think one genre supersedes the other. I hope this dissertation supports my continuing desire to create in this way; maintaining its validity within the contemporary highly digital art society, whilst also embracing the contemporary high resolution photography as an equal way of creations hyperrealistic art. A personal aim for the future is to advance within my chosen career and field with the skills and knowledge acquired through this dissertation and constellation module.


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