The power of perception..

“Listen to me, you are the reason I cannot use my card. Sort it, now or get me someone who
knows what they are talking about.”


“Right okay, I understand. Thankyou for actually explaining that cerys.”

Picture9 These two images show a progression of a conversation, the power of perception and how my immediate thoughts of the lady were angry and focused on her piercing eyes, but then how the image changed through her personality and mood changing. These images are within my continuing aim to inform people on the effects their words have, reminding them it is not an automated person they are speaking to.


Mock a face to those on the other end of a phone.

My main project has begun researching into those who work in call centres and are on the receiving ends of many different types of personalities. My work is taking conversations had on the phone to create images of people or environments based on first impressions. Showing the power of personalities or moods and their ability to shape a persons view of another.

The aim of my project is to tell the story of the call centre, giving a face to the call handlers and bringing to the public’s attention that they are people also. I am to inform people about the scenario of a call centre, how the focus at any one time is the individual being spoken to; however chaotic the surrounding scene may appear. I am also striving to show the stress created through certain calls received, giving an immediate negative image of the person on the other end.
Just as people learn new things everyday, i seek to inform people of the effects their negative or perhaps unnecessary behaviour causes to its receiver, again aiming to give a face and to humanise the call centre staff.

I want my work to impact mass society, to make them think for future calls by informing them of the power of perception and to drawer attention to the negative behaviours often associated with call centres.

The call centre; a faceless voice..

Picture6 Picture7

Call Centre; the chaotic focus within..

Picture4 Working in a call centre allows me to gain first hand images of scenes and scenarios taking place within. These images aim to give small glimpses within without having a staged photograph, showing the separate and disengaged scenes of how each call takes place.Picture5

The sombre and sarcastic..

Picture10 This ominous and sombre images i hope conveys the image of the moody and sarcastic conversation that was had. By inserting small sections of the conversation i hoped to show a glimpse of the personality that framed the imagery behind this image. The loose watercolour i find creates more emotion within the image.

Folio 2015; Ghost Stories

I have entered the Folio society again this year as i found that reading each story brought vivid images immediately to mind to create the main image and overall front cover. This competition forms part of my live brief module which also incorporates thematically with my main project, just as these stories have been used to create an image. My aim is to create a story through my own images.

I have tried to create quite simple and not obvious imagery, although each story is focusing on ghost activities and encounters, the ominous atmosphere is created largely through what you do not see; the approach of creating an atmosphere without blatantly showing a ghost is what i hope makes each image more successful.

Picture1  Picture2