The chaotic three-way conversation..

“Listen to me, you don’t know what you are talking about”       Picture15

I just need some help”

“Thankyou so much, you have been so helpful”

“Oh, I didn’t know it was that simple”

 This call began with an irrate man, soon to be passed to an irrate woman and so on so forth. This call was fast paced and an emalgamation of two personalities and a range of moods exchanged. The chaotic composition and contrasting colours seeks to show the chaos. This gives an image of my mind at points of this call, i hope if people were to see the images created based on them it would make them think.

Thinking of how you are perceived by others often results in a different outcome as people care about what they are seen to be. That however differs when speaking to someone from a call centre, although there to help we are seen as a faceless voice. An automated voice with no perception or reaction to an angry tone.


A kind persona goes a long way..

“Hello, can you help me please young lady? I have just Picture14
been out for lunch and my card is being strange and not
working. Awfully confusing it is dear.”

This is a person who i will remember for a long while, he was a genuinely nice person who just wanted help and was happy for me to do so. I had an immediate image based on his tone and words used, for once i imagined more than a face or partial face, i had a real sense of his body language and positioning. The aim of this image is to evolk the sense of this old mans kind persona.

The progression of perception through conversation..

“Look, I refuse to pay this money, there is nothing you Picture11
can do to make me. You are wrong and I am right, deal with it little girl.”

“Right okay so you can actually help? I didn’t know that sorry.”

“Thankyou that has been really helpful. I have learnt something
today actually, much appreciated.”

This image shows a closer view of the progression of conversation and perception, the quick conversation bringing focus to the persons eyes. I find the eyes are what i imagine most, giving a real sense of what the person is feeling.