Life drawing..the expressive figure

20150513_140739 20150513_140530 20150513_140808 Life drawing not only builds technical skill of proportions and scale. It has also benefited my project specifically as it has encouraged me to relax my control over my illustrations and the paintings i create.

Without the control of having to make every image and portrait an exact replica and realistic representation of people i have been able to evoke a much more powerful message through each image. The ability to inform people of the power of perception and to convey a strong message of emotion through each image is what my project is trying to communicate to its audience.


Ian Michael McManus.. indulge in watercolours!

Ian Michael McManus’ art is awe inspiring, his ability to create motion and emotion through the brushes strokes and fluidity is captivating. His work ranges from landscapes to figurative but maintains the loose and emotive feelings throughout.

Whilst creating my upcoming pieces i need to remember to not control the paint. Having a tendency to want to recreate realism and structure, but needing the empathy evoking and emotive image that the loose watercolour technique allows for i must continue to develop my skills and just allow myself to create through what i experience.

Flamenco Dancers, Hambleton Hall, Rutland Water                                                                                       Strictly, The Book Stall, CambridgeStrictly

Flamenco Dancers

Shirley Trevena; watercolour inspiration..

Research into existing watercolour and figurative artists continues in my hunt for inspiration and continued progression.
What makes these images successful and eye catching? My aim is through these artists discoveries i find more contextual and composition understanding.

Shirley Trevena’s work is continuing the direction of a lose fluidity within the figurative image, the context and content speaking through the lose lines of the watercolour is a skill i hope to employ throughout my upcoming work.

Woman Wearing a Golden Crown – Watercolour 38 x 49cm                                                                           Dilemma of What to paint – Watercolour & Gouache 45 x 33 cm