The power of perception.

My final project is based around the power of the imagination and its ability to form opinions about people based on their personality, mood and tone without actually seeing or knowing them.
Working in a call centre exposes me to a multitude of different personalities and moods everyday. People forget in today’s digital and technology based society that people are often on the receiving end of their misplaced frustration.

People face to face with others are often polite, politically correct and tolerant to all matters of issues, however when technology is between them and another, they suddenly feel empowered to express all matters of frustrations; just or unjust.

The aim of this project is to humanise the voice on the receiving end of the phone, raising awareness and informing people of the effect their outbursts can sometimes cause. People today care about the opinions thought by others of those around them. By showing my representations based on the conversations had, i hope it would cause people to rethink their previous actions; reminding them of the human on the receiving end rather than a simple automated and emotionless voice.


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