The “Cool” guy..

20150509_103447 Some conversations no matter how short create an immediate image of the person and their whole persona. This image i hope speaks to show the cool and calm exterior this man had during the conversation.


The power of perception.

My final project is based around the power of the imagination and its ability to form opinions about people based on their personality, mood and tone without actually seeing or knowing them.
Working in a call centre exposes me to a multitude of different personalities and moods everyday. People forget in today’s digital and technology based society that people are often on the receiving end of their misplaced frustration.

People face to face with others are often polite, politically correct and tolerant to all matters of issues, however when technology is between them and another, they suddenly feel empowered to express all matters of frustrations; just or unjust.

The aim of this project is to humanise the voice on the receiving end of the phone, raising awareness and informing people of the effect their outbursts can sometimes cause. People today care about the opinions thought by others of those around them. By showing my representations based on the conversations had, i hope it would cause people to rethink their previous actions; reminding them of the human on the receiving end rather than a simple automated and emotionless voice.

conversation flow..

20150509_103342  20150509_10341820150509_103438 Those lasting conversations that allow people to form detailed imagined images of the other person and perhaps their surroundings. These images are based on personality, tone, words and atmosphere created without actually seeing. Showing the power of perception.

Sombre tones..



Receiving end of the line..

20150509_103221 20150509_103250
Most often discussed is the hassle of non expected phone calls.
What is not thought about is the human on the receiving end of the inappreciative thoughts. These images show a glimpse behind the scenes and hopefully give a name to the voice through the phone. Making people think.

The receiving end of the phone..

20150509_103305 20150509_103315

With a constant focus on the feelings of the customer and ensuring their satifaction, often overlooked is the feelings of the people on the receiving end of their calls. How the call centre agents feel when spoken to like a robot rather than a human. My project aims not only to inform people of the power of perception and their attitudes have but also to give insight behind the call centre doors and bring awareness to the elusive world of the call centre.

Life drawing..the expressive figure

20150513_140739 20150513_140530 20150513_140808 Life drawing not only builds technical skill of proportions and scale. It has also benefited my project specifically as it has encouraged me to relax my control over my illustrations and the paintings i create.

Without the control of having to make every image and portrait an exact replica and realistic representation of people i have been able to evoke a much more powerful message through each image. The ability to inform people of the power of perception and to convey a strong message of emotion through each image is what my project is trying to communicate to its audience.