Final year crit/tutorials..

As the first week drawers to a close and now reflecting upon my feedback on the summer work and upcoming months projects, i feel deflated. how do i progress? what direction is my project headed toward?

Having always had a passion for studying people, drawing their imperfections or odd anomalies i knew my project would continue this way. However, i still don’t understand why, why am i intrigued with portraits and the normal people?
How do i find a link between these interests to make them a series rather than a random collection of images?
I don’t feel my initial crit has helped, i have no clearer idea of what is expected of me or of how to make my portrait interests into a project with a combining theme. Besides pointing out the errors and lack of direction within my work, my first feedback of the year involved little future guidance or progressive ideas.

Beginning the year with apprehension and confusion..not what i hoped for! i hope that with sketching and idea searching over the next week i find a more clear path and linked direction for my projects.